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Sunday, March 18, 2001 -- Grafton, WV
Grafton 5 Mile Run/Walk (iPO Event Id#: 3009)
Story and photos by Mike Monroe

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Race Pic
Sunny days and racing...
who's ready for spring?
The Grafton 5-mile Run and 2-mile Walk was held this past Sunday in Grafton, WV. Once again, a crowd of over 200 participants came our for the various events. The race benefited the Grafton High Girls Track & Field Team, 2000 AA-A State runner-ups. The weather had done a 180-degree turn since from the day before with temperatures being in the mid 50's (f) and the sun coming out in full force.

The streets were lined with people to encourage the runners and to support the Girls Team. Coach Martin was busy running around getting everything ready for the race along with his whole track team to either participate or help with the race. The day started off with the 1/2 mile run for the little ones. All the kids were seen with smiles on their faces and were being cheered on by their parents.

The walk and run were both started at the same time. For most people, this was their first race of the year. For others, like Steve Bence, it was their fourth or fifth race of the year. People from all over the area and even Pittsburgh and DC were seen getting ready for the race. The mass of people stood at the start/finish line anticipating the bang from the gun. When the gun finally went off, all that was heaed was the music coming from a local DJ, Joe Skeen, who kept them pumped up for the rest of the race.

Race Pic
Sprinting to the finish in the 5K
As the people proceeded through the town of Grafton they crossed the Tygart River and passed many of the local landmarks. Ed Frohnapfel, Mikey Guinn, and Larry Taylor were right on each others heels all through the race, but only one could come out on top. That one would be Taylor, with a time of 27:08. Mikey Guinn had a time of 27:23 and Ed Fronapple had a time of 27:28 to take second and third, respectively. We're sure to see these guys going at again several times this summer.

The Women's race was another win for Grafton native Sherrie Flohr, winning with a time of 33:05. Coming in for second was Stephanie Hatfield with a time of 35:29. Carol Davis was in third place as she crossed the line with a time of 36:29.

Kids Race
Let the awards begin!
Steve Bence walked away with the Gold in a time of 17:04 in the Men's 2-mile walk. Following him to the line were John Elliot (21:03) for second and Gary Baker (23:38) for second. Bence was off to an early lead and no one else saw him the rest of the race, but the real race may have been behind him where only 27 seconds separated third through seventh overall.

The Women's walk was real close with the top two female only being separated by 3 seconds, but the Grafton native won. Lisa Charlton had a time of 23:41 to beat out Martha Elliot's 23:44. Finding the line for third was Sarah Ray with a time of 25:53.

Everyone had a great time even if they didn't walk away with the biggest trophy. And don't forget, it all was for a great cause. The Team put on a great event, and for their efforts they'll see improvements in their track facilities and equipment.