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Sunday, December 22, 2002 -- St. Marys, WV
20th Annual 5K Mistletoe Run/Walk (iPO Event Id#: 5315)
Story by Don Parks with photos by Heather Bury

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Mistletoe Run/Walk
Getting it going for the 20th time
The 20th Mistletoe Run/Walk had the benefit of some wonderful racing weather for late December. A nice crowd came out to take advantage of the great conditions to race the streets of Saint Marys, West Virginia. The history of this event makes it tough to set course records, but everyone on this day was giving it their best shot.

I personally was chasing a woman for the whole race. I reeled in Sharon Marks after the first mile. I set myself up behind Chip Allman who was coaching Sharon along in hopes of pushing her to a sub-20-minute time. I, too, would be quite happy with a time in the teens.

Up the to one real hill in the race and I was ahead of the pair going into the final mile. But Chip was cracking the whip and soon I was getting passed back up and chasing once again. Without anything left for a kick at the finish, I could only watch from behind as Sharon took the women's overall win at 20:07 to my 20:16. No sub-twenties, but we were both quite happy with our efforts.

Michael Guinn wasn't doing a lot of complaining, either, as he cruised to a win at 16:37. The real race at the front was for second where Adam Raper (17:26) edged out Matt Lapardu (17:30) in a race down the final stretch.

Here's to another 20-years of great races at St. Marys' Mistletoe Run/Walk.